Bridport Leisure Centre, Bridport

At Clarkson Alliance we have wide-ranging experience working in the leisure sector and we know that centres have a distinct energy footprint which is dramatically different to the needs of a dry building.


When Leisure Energy’s expert consultant, Dr Bob Hardwick worked with Bridport Leisure Centre in Dorset, he first of all carried out a full assessment of its energy consumption and benchmarked the data against our database of over 1000 working leisure centres across the country.

Dr Bob was able to establish and develop a strategy for controlling and reducing the energy needed to run the building to maximise operational efficiency. Our expertise at establishing, developing, testing and monitoring the best suppliers is second to none and Leisure Energy was able to suggest an ongoing plan for Bridport that would see it enjoy eventual energy cost savings of £40,000 per year.

Through initiatives ranging from a better quality, superior pool cover and energy efficient lighting, to a more complex boiler temperature strategy, adjusted for condensing and weekly purging, the results had a major impact. As well as the significant cost savings, the adoption of leading edge technology through a dual solar and heat pump project also resulted in a 67% reduction in C02 emissions.

Bridport Leisure Centre was extremely pleased with the results, particularly with our collaborative approach to the project and stakeholder management strategy which is key to achieving success in this kind of undertaking.

Services Provided

Leisure Energy provided energy assessments and developed an energy strategy in collaboration with the client.

Savings made Over £40,000 p.a.

Client Bridport & West Dorset Sports Trust

Bob’s remit was to consider ways of making the Trust even more cost-effective, paying particular attention to those areas of key expenditure. He certainly provided this and much more!…

The Trust found Bob to be invaluable. He is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work alongside. Unlike other consultants, we found that Bob did far more than just identify areas for savings.  Using his wide industry experience and specialism from a large company background he expertly negotiated, on our behalf, with third party suppliers on areas such as energy, water, telecommunications to name a few.

As a result, the Trust has rapidly made tangible savings with absolute ease and minimal disruption to the business.

Nick Neale

General Manager, Bridport Leisure Centre

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