Services and expertise

In today’s fast-paced, challenging and competitive environment there is no margin for error on construction projects which are needed to deliver critical business benefits. Ensuring a successful outcome is more likely to be achieved with professional input – by those who are experienced overseeing multiple elements and stakeholders.

We offer unrivalled project management and cost management expertise that minimises risk and delivers certainty of outcome, whilst always adding value and improved tangible benefit to the client.

Strategic project management 

Customer-focussed service from initiation to handover

From outset to completion we act as our customer’s representative as project managers, bringing together all the various suppliers and stakeholders into a unified team. In this role, it is the three qualities of leadershipknowledge and experience that enable us to steer the team through to completion and achievement of its objectives.

We follow a robust process and our service is accredited to ISO 9001.

Setting up a project for success

We believe implementing clear governance and reporting structure at the outset of a project is key. Too many projects run into difficulty because there are no agreed procedures for making and signing off key decisions. We ask our customers the right questions at the outset in order to define a structure which forms part of the Project Initiation Document.


Building high performing teams

Clarkson Alliance has an initiative to ensure outstanding performance on every project. We call it our ‘High Performing Teams’ approach.

You’ll see it when you work with us: our project leaders empower, resource and motivate every team member so that they are able to play a full part in meeting project objectives

Project management

The critical component in any development project. We deliver leadership, skills and expertise to ensure that every penny spent on the project delivers the desired outcomes. Learn more about our Gateway process that keeps the whole team on track throughout the journey.

Risk management

A clear risk mitigation strategy is essential on every project. We develop a risk register by harnessing the collective knowledge and experience of the project team to identify all the possible risks. We report on risks via a risk register and hold regular workshops to develop strategies and to understand how risks change during a project.

Development management

We work to develop bespoke solutions for our customers, bringing thorough expertise of the construction industry. We offer independent and balanced advice to ensure your development delivers on its objectives.

Stakeholder engagement

We have experience developing and managing stakeholder engagement programmes and work with our customers to devise a communications and engagement strategy that seeks to capture the input of all stakeholders who have an interest and/or influence in the project at any early stage. Furthermore, we are able to plan a series of meetings and information-sharing events for the broader community.

Experts in using the NEC form of contract

The NEC contract suits our collaborative approach and focus on delivering outcomes for our customers. We have a strong belief in the benefits of the NEC contract for all parties, and have used this form of contract to deliver many projects. We have provided training on use of the contract for customers who are keen to capitalise on its benefits.

Cost planning, management and reporting

Budgetary advice and forecasting

We work with our customers to review their business cases in line with their budgets, as well as all available design information. Using our industry knowledge we are able provide up to date information that ensures future designs are produced within clear cost targets.

Strategic cost advice for masterplans

Our team of Cost Managers have experience providing cost advice on long term capital improvement programmes. We consider ongoing sources of funding, market fluctuation and customer requirements.

Pre and post contract monitoring and reporting

Proactively managing the cost plan throughout means that the project team and client can rely on its accuracy at every stage. There is clarity on the budget and contingency, and decision making can therefore be fully informed.

Controlling costs to deliver objectives

Our Cost Managers make sure that all decisions are informed by the client’s original objectives for the project, with full consideration of return on investment. By always keeping the project team focused on these goals we ensure that there is a spirit of collaboration and teamwork around cost.

Advising on procurement approaches

Our Cost Managers draw on their experience to advise on the most suitable procurement approaches for each situation. We work with major contractor frameworks and offer tailored support to clients. 

Our diligent approach to contract administration means that contract disputes are rare, but should they arise we can support our clients in navigating through any issues effectively.

Value management throughout a project

Securing the best value and return on investment for our clients runs through the core of our cost management team. 

We develop a prioritised list of objectives from our client and key stakeholders at the outset enables us to spot opportunities for making savings without compromising on quality. We work with clients to consider the real cost of their investment – the long term costs that include capital, maintenance and operational.

Using BIM to maximise cost certainty

BIM is a powerful tool used by our specialist cost managers. The rich, intelligent data in the model enables full clarity on how any changes or delays will impact the budget. The availability of the data leads to better decisions from everyone involved in the project. The result is less chance of errors, rework or expensive post-contract changes to specification.

The BIM model can be handed over to those responsible for managing and maintaining the building, becoming a valuable tool for the ongoing management and maintenance of the building.

Sectors and project experience