Working with and embarking on BIM – A Sussex BIM Hub event

Clarkson Alliance and Worthing Homes share Lessons Learned from BIM on a housing project

Working with and embarking on BIM – A Sussex BIM Hub event

Graham Clarkson of Clarkson Alliance will be presenting the findings of our Building Information Modelling (BIM) research project – Meadow Road at an event for Sussex BIM Hub on Wednesday 16th September, alongside our clients, Worthing Homes.

Gaining an insight into how others use BIM can be challenging. Other organisations will naturally share their BIM accomplishments but will be less forthcoming about overcoming issues. BIM creates the opportunity to work more collaboratively with project teams and to utilise new technologies often culminating in the creation of a 3D digital model of a building which can be used for design, build and operation. By learning from others, your own implementation of BIM can be improved and common pitfalls can be avoided.

As early adopters of BIM, Clarkson Alliance was awarded a grant from Innovate UK to research the changes in dynamics and behaviours of using BIM on a project. As BIM Information Managers on the £1.4m East Sussex project, we share our first-hand experience of how BIM has been used on a live project. We discuss topics such as why it’s better to design in BIM from the start, challenges we have faced and why it is important to understand what data the model needs to produce. This event covers the breadth of our lessons learnt to date on the project, which has also been selected by Constructing Excellence as an Innovation in Practice project.

The event will be held at ZSTa Architects 3 Dorset Place, Brighton BN2 1ST from 5pm – 7pm. To register, please email