The Oaks, Residential community, Prague

Clarkson Alliance is pleased to be working on our first international project: Oaks is a 400 million mixed-use development just outside the city of Prague, Czech Republic.

The purpose of the scheme is to create a unique new community deeply connected to the idyllic countryside whilst being close to the busy city of Prague.

The project, which is currently under construction will offer: 

  • 155 family homes and 69 apartments
  • 18-hole PGA golf course, cycle tracks and horse trails 
  • Hotel, spa and wellness centre
  • Country club
  • Amenities including a kindergarten, post office, shops and restaurants 

Over 14 architectural firms have been appointed to work on the scheme, including acclaimed British architect John Pawson who has designed the renovation of the chateau – an 18th century hunting lodge – which will form the centre of the Oaks community.

The whole project will cover 345 acres, and will use passive design techniques and energy efficient systems. Construction work has begun on many elements of the project, including on the 18-hole PGA golf course which is being designed by Kyle Phillips who has designed some of the finest golf courses in the world including Kingsbarns, Scotland and at the Verdura Resort in Sicily.

This will be the first PGA course in the Czech Republic. Clarkson Alliance is providing leadership support to the project team to achieve their objectives of delivering a modern community where like-minded people can achieve a lifestyle connected to nature. The project is due complete in 2021. For further information, visit the Oaks website.

Services provided

Clarkson Alliance is providing Leadership support for a mixed use development in Prague to build a new community with associated amenities, including leisure and housing.


  • Value: 400m
  • Client: Arendon Developments

Clarkson Alliance has exceeded my expectations in the leadership support they are providing. They don’t just perform the tasks we require but they also ask questions about the business that tests that we are moving in the right direction.

They have been instrumental in getting the programme and costs into shape as well as being a good sounding board. The rounded view of the project they provide is especially useful for a comprehensive community project like Oaks.

I feel confident we are on track to achieve the project objectives.

Rob Davies

CEO, Arendon Developments

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