Project Management


Project management is the critical component in any development project. Clarkson Alliance delivers leadership, skills and expertise to ensure that every penny spent on the project delivers value for our customers.


Staying on track

From outset to completion we act as our clients’ representative as project managers, bringing together all the various suppliers and stakeholders into a unified team. In this role, it is the three qualities of leadership, knowledge and experience that enable us to steer the team through to completion and achievement of its objectives.

Having a robust project management methodology is essential, and for us that means our Gateway project process. As part of our ISO 9001 certified processes, this has been developed using the considerable knowledge of our experienced team and fine-tuned through lessons learned from over a decade of projects.

High Performing Teams

Clarkson Alliance has an initiative to ensure outstanding performance on every project. We call it our ‘High Performing Teams’ approach.

You’ll see it when you work with us: our project leaders empower, resource and motivate every team member so that they are able to play a full part in meeting project objectives.

Find out more

Now that you’ve read about our project management strength, resources and process, here’s where you can find out more:

Our Gateway project process

All the projects we manage use our Gateway process methodology. A major component of this is a series of reviews at key stages along the journey.

Each review checks that measurable objectives have been achieved, identifies lessons learned from the previous stage and enables us to re-align the team so that everyone remains focused on achieving the predefined objectives.

Cost Management

Specialist support to help you keep your project costs under control


BIM enables us to digitally simulate, plan and cost projects for greater certainty and control

Our Approach

Our Approach

How we blend our values of performance, collaboration and leadership to deliver on our promise of ‘Building on Certainty’

Our Sectors

The sectors where we have particular experience and strength – Leisure, Heritage and Education

Our Projects

Projects we have managed for clients