Strategic Project Management


Project management is the critical component in any development project. Clarkson Alliance delivers leadership, skills and expertise to ensure that every penny spent on the project delivers value for our customers.


Looking beyond the horizon

Certainty means everything when you invest in a construction or development project. Our project management provides our customers with the confidence that their outcomes will be delivered. 

Staying on track

From outset to completion we act as our clients’ representative as project managers, bringing together all the various suppliers and stakeholders into a unified team. In this role, it is the three qualities of leadership, knowledge and experience that enable us to steer the team through to completion and achievement of its objectives. We follow a robust project management methodology to deliver our projects: the Gateway Process 


Our Gateway Process

We manage all projects using our Gateway process methodology. A major component of this is a series of reviews at key stages along the journey. Each review checks that measurable objectives have been achieved, identifies lessons learned from the previous stage and enables us to re-align the team so that everyone remains focused on achieving the predefined objectives.

The Gateway Process is quality assured to ISO:9001 (2015).

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Sector Great project management requires outstanding leadership from start to finish. For us, that means taking ownership of every challenge and providing a vision for maximum performance. Our high performing teams initiative places people at the heart of projects and encourages them to work to their maximum potential.

Our project leaders empower and motivate every team member so that they are able to play a full part in meeting project objectives.


True teamwork is vital for any project. Good processes help, but it takes more than that to get the team working together.

Our leadership generates a harmonious culture from the project team, embracing open and honest dialogue, and a unity of purpose. That applies across the whole team: client, suppliers and third party stakeholders.


The driving force behind every project is a belief that buildings and surrounding infrastructure should work excellently for the people who use them.

That means looking ‘beyond the horizon’ and striving for better results than stakeholders initially think is possible. We provide our customers with the confidence to deliver exceptional outcomes. 

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