Cost Management

Appointing a specialist cost manager to your project team can be one of the wisest decisions you make. From advice during project inception through to ongoing monitoring and reporting, we ensure consideration of cost vs return when successfully navigating to a successful project outcome.


Achieving cost control through collaboration

This service is available under two types of arrangement: as a standalone service or as an integral part of our project management service. Either way, we take the same approach of rigorous cost control, achieved through collaboration across the project team.

There are a number of ways in which having a dedicated Clarkson Alliance cost manager as part of the team is so effective:

Producing detailed budgets and cost plans

With a firm grasp of the client’s objectives in place, we are well-informed to produce budgets and cost plans designed to ensure certainty of price. A robust cost plan is like a compass, helping to stop a project from going down the wrong path. We are increasingly adopting the latest Building Information Modelling methods to achieve the highest possible levels of cost certainty.

Advising on procurement approaches

Our cost managers draw on their experience to advise on the most suitable procurement approaches for each situation. Thankfully, our diligent approach to contract administration means that contract disputes are rare, but should they arise we can support our clients in navigating through any issues effectively.

Value management throughout the project

Securing the best value and return on investment for our clients runs through the core of our cost management team. Something that helps us achieve this is identifying at the outset a prioritised list of objectives from our client and, ideally, key stakeholders. This enables us to spot opportunities for making savings without compromising on the quality expected.

Embedding cost control into the project team’s thinking

Crucially, the cost manager makes sure that all decisions are informed by the client’s original objectives for the project, with full consideration of return on investment. By always keeping the project team focused on these goals we ensure that there is a spirit of collaboration and teamwork around cost.

Monitoring and reporting

Proactively managing the cost plan throughout means that the project team and client can rely on its accuracy at every stage. There is clarity on the budget and contingency, and decision making can therefore be fully informed.


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