Nibley Court –

Sword Apak, Bristol

Global financial software provider Sword Apak has been developing an exciting new office space in Yate, Bristol to match its innovative business.



Sword Apak is investing in its recruitment as it continues to grow globally; the substantial office investment will bring the UK team together under one roof to support the company’s expansion and its commitment to its employees to provide a happy working environment and enhanced internal communication.

The project involves the complete transformation of a newly leased 15 year old building. The entire facility is being overhauled but will retain the exterior shell.

The contemporary build reflects the growing movement towards collaborative office spaces. Favoured by leading creative and technology companies, these carefully designed areas encourage good working relationships internally.

The project involves renewing the air conditioning and electrical services, remodelling the internal walls and replacing doors in the 2300m2 building. It also features the creation of part glazed new offices, meeting rooms and audio visual installations to improve collaboration and communication.

Having developed a good working relationship with the project manager over a number of years, Clarkson Alliance was chosen to cost manage the project because of our ability to deliver projects within budget.

Services Provided

Clarkson Alliance provided cost management for complete refurbishment of office block, retaining only the outside shell.

Client Sword Apak

Contract JCT Design & Build

Final colours used differ slightly from original design
Everyone is really excited about moving into the new building. It is a fantastic place to unite the team. The cutting-edge designs provide a great back drop for Sword Apak’s forward-thinking culture. Clarkson Alliance’s cost management has been proactive, adaptable and, most importantly, reliable. They have really immersed themselves in the project and their accurate cost information has set our budget expectations realistically throughout.
Kerrie Mahon

Facilities Manager, Sword Apak

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