We are delighted to be finalists in this year’s Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards in the Outstanding Customer Satisfaction category .

We are fortunate to have 85% of our turnover come from repeat business.  Focusing on the people within the project – clients and team, leads to repeatable satisfaction in our eyes. Find out more about how we achieve Outstanding Customer Satisfaction from our Constructing Excellence SECBE entry.

It all starts with defining a need.  Working closely with our customers we set out to understand what is essential to their project’s success. The goal can be sustainability, to grow or to maximise on what they already have. 

Having studied how to get the best out of teams for the last 8 years we recognise they are the single most important factor to a projects’ success. We continually motivate and regularly refocus the team so the outcomes identified become central to decision making on the project.

Feedback, Monitor and Act

Being an SME gives us the agility to make changes straightaway based on our twice-yearly customer feedback meetings.  Our clients often comment these face-to-face meetings are valuable because we listen to their feedback and act on it, regardless of how the project is going.

Our customer satisfaction ratings have grown year on year since implementing this process and we were recognised as winners of the category in 2016. 

In 2018 we averaged 82% customer satisfaction, exceeding our target of 75%.

We are confident this way of working also benefits our own team who are continually trained on people management whether in the project or cost management departments.  This is because it helps them to improve working relationships whether they lead a project team or participate in one. They are engaged in the project process and actively look for ways they can work together better with the wider project team.  In the last 5 years Clarkson Alliance has had less than 2% staff turnover which provides stability for customers.  

As Richard Branson says “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business.”

The winners will be announced at the SECBE gala dinner on Thurs 27th June.