Collaboration has replaced “team work” in the construction industry with an emphasis on disciplines finding improved ways to work together. A G4C event, the young professionals arm of Constructing Excellence, tackles assumptions by inviting members of each discipline to share what they do on Wednesday 28th October in Reading.

From Environmental Scientists to Acoustic Consultants and Design Managers, the “What we do” event covers a plethora of roles performed by individuals in the industry.

Dan Bland from Clarkson Alliance will be speaking about the role of the Cost Manager on projects at the event. Once an intern with Clarkson Alliance, Dan has a dual perspective from his role as a Graduate Project and Cost Manager. He will be sharing how cost managers can give cost certainty, reduce waste and rework in the design process, and ensure best value

Dan will also explore the increased likelihood of a project achieving its business objectives when engaging a Cost Manager early in the project. Having recently worked closely with our Cost Management department on developing BIM for Cost Management, he is fully aware of the importance of a collaborative approach to help the design team achieve the clients project objectives. In addition to his involvement with BIM, Dan has also been instrumental in Clarkson Alliance’s current application for ISO 9001 for its Cost Management service which, once achieved will sit alongside the company’s existing certification for its quality assured project management services.

For further details about the event and to register please visit: http://ow.ly/TTkE1