Wrexham and Chirk Leisure Centres

A partnership between Wrexham County Borough Council, Freedom Leisure, Clarkson Alliance and Leisure Energy to refurbish two leisure centres

In our capacity as design, project and cost managers Clarkson Alliance has been working closely with Freedom Leisure and Wrexham County Borough Council to develop and deliver the scheme of refurbishment. Chirk Leisure and Activity Centre will be completed in July 2017, with work at Waterworld, Wrexham finishing during autumn 2017. Clarkson Alliance is also providing Principal Designer services.

The improvements to the two leisure centres in Wrexham aim to increase participation by residents by offering a greater selection of activities that will attract a wider demographic, so helping to reduce inactivity and improve well being. The completed will be more offer greater accessibility for users, as well as being more energy efficient.

At Chirk, the improvements include an extension to and refurbishment of the existing gym and an upgraded reception area. At Waterworld, the cafe, reception and changing rooms are being improved, and a cycling studio added.

The alterations which have been made at the two sites will reduce energy by 400 tonnes p.a. which is equivalent to the energy needed to power 150 new three bedroom houses each year. These energy-saving measures are provided through Clarkson Alliance’s sister company, Leisure Energy.


Services provided

Clarkson Alliance is providing design, project management and cost management services.

Client Wrexham County Borough Council

Contract NEC3 Contract (option A)

We’ve been working with Clarkson Alliance for a number of years and we feel like they really understand what we’re looking to get out of a project. They look for partners, like Leisure Energy, that reliably help us get the results we want.  We’re proud to be making a significant contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of Wrexham.

Ivan Horsfall Turner

Managing Director, Freedom Leisure



Photographs from the refurbished Chirk Leisure and Activity Centre – opened July 2017

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