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When London Borough of Islington sought a partner to operate their leisure centres, it was important to choose an organisation sharing their commitment of continual advancement and inclusivity. When GLL approached the Local Authority with plans to transform their centres supported by proposals from Clarkson Alliance, a strategic partnership was formed.


As one of the UK’s leading charitable social enterprises, GLL operates 215 leisure centres in the UK.  They successfully beat the competition to win the Islington contract with proposals that included capital improvement designs by Clarkson Alliance.  The plans included energy savings by our sister company, Leisure Energy.

Both London Borough of Islington and GLL had ambitions to improve current participation in health and fitness, an area in which Clarkson Alliance excel.

Islington Tennis Centre is the third leisure centre being revamped in the area as part of the revitalisation programme across five facilities since GLL took over.  Each centre is being project and cost managed by Clarkson Alliance, who are also providing principal designer services.

The £950,000 project at Islington Tennis Centre focuses on providing improved quality and access for visitors.  Enhanced wellness is encouraged through a brand new health suite. A new studio provides greater flexibility for classes and an extended gym enables more visitors to use the facilities.  A new training room provides dedicated space for the development of staff and customers and new offices will also be created.

The construction programme is phased to enable the improvements to be carried out whilst the centre remains operational. Users will experience less disruption as a result.

London Borough of Islington and GLL are extremely pleased with the first two projects in the scheme, Cally Pool and Archway Leisure Centre. The newly improved facilities have significantly increased their memberships since completion, a clear indicator of customer approval.  Both projects have achieved the results set out in the objectives and were delivered on time and budget. Sobell Leisure Centre, the third project in the programme, is currently on site and due to complete in summer 2016.

Islington Tennis Centre is due to complete in autumn 2016.

Services Provided

Clarkson Alliance provides design, project management and cost management services and principal designer services.

Value £950k

Client GLL

Contract NEC Option A


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