Continuously improving the construction industry

Working to prevent defects using artificial intelligence

Clarkson Alliance are committed to continuous improvement both in our own practices and in the construction industry as a whole; as part of this ambition we have been appointed to provide industry expertise on this Innovate UK funded project. 

The project Adaptive Learning for Zero Defects in Buildings Construction is researching the feasibility of using artificial intelligence to improve the understanding of work instructions in order to reduce defects. According to the industry-led, Get It Right Initiative, the total cost of avoidable errors in the UK construction industry is £10-£25Bn per annum (or 10%-25% of project cost).

Defects occur for many reasons but one is when operatives do not sufficiently understand what needs to be done but perform the task anyway. Sometimes these defects are not detected when the building is completed and handed over to the occupants, and can persist for many months or even years. An undiscovered defect may endanger occupants, or lead to a building using more energy and water than they were designed to use, leading to unnecessary waste and emissions. 

If these errors could be reduced, then buildings could be built at lower cost and more buildings could be constructed using the same labour and materials, thus increasing productivity. Furthermore, the quality of the  environment in which people live and work will be improved.

The aim of the project is to prevent defects from occurring by assessing and improving understanding. Ii ultimately aims to achieve the construction of buildings with zero defects. 

The project is a collaboration between TR Control Solutions and Anglia Ruskin University, with Clarkson Alliance appointed to provide industry advice. 

Clarkson Alliance are passionate about improving the way the industry serves its customers. We are delighted to share our expertise on this innovative research project which looks at how technology can be used to reduce overall construction costs, decrease delays and deliver projects to satisfied customers. 

Julian Bullen

Project Director, Clarkson Alliance