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Boldmere Municipal Golf Course in Birmingham is set to be revitalised with a new clubhouse, gym and bar if planning permission submitted by Mytime Active is approved. Mytime Active, a not-for-profit leisure trust, took over the management of 7 golf courses in the area in 2013.

The plans are part of a wider scheme to improve participation in golf in Birmingham.  Clarkson Alliance is providing cost management for the feasibility study and subsequent investments in Boldmere Golf Course.  Architectural designs for the scheme are provided by Arkon Associates.

The city has seen a decline in golf course usage over a number of years.  The partnership between Mytime Active and Birmingham City Council aims to kick start interest by revamping and increasing the facilities on offer.

The project would relocate the existing club house to provide closer links with Powell’s Pool Reservoir,   The new 10,000 sq ft facilities would dwarf the size of the previous clubhouse and include a bar with large outdoor decking seating area, gym and changing rooms.

Clarkson Alliance’s cost management team has worked with numerous Local Authorities and Leisure Trusts delivering leisure improvement projects within budget.  Our aim is to fully understand a client’s brief and provide counsel on how the objectives can be achieved within the cost parameters.  By working closely with customers, we can test the business case using a value management process to ensure best value within the cost allocation.  By doing so we can set expectations and provide certainty of outcome so clients are reassured of what is possible within their project budgets.

“We are delighted to be given the opportunity to work with Mytime Active and Arkon Associates to help them plan and deliver their Regional Golf Club improvement strategy at Boldmere Golf Course.  We are collaborating with the client and design team giving cost advice and budget control to enable the business case to be realised. Our priority is to deliver a desirable product which will be brought in within the original cost plans”David Chapell, Head of Cost Management, Clarkson Alliance

Services Provided

Clarkson Alliance is providing cost management for the feasibility study

Client  Mytime Active

We are very much looking forward to the opportunity to upgrade the facilities at Boldmere Golf Course.  Sutton Park is a fantastic area and the new offering will attract even more visitors.  Clarkson Alliance has provided us with sound cost management support. Their detailed cost and contractual knowledge has been extremely useful in helping us to plan the project.

Mark Clarke

Contract Manager, Mytime Active

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