Clarkson Alliance is delighted to be awarded the Outstanding Customer Satisfaction award at this year’s Constructing Excellence London & South East Awards.

The coveted award was presented last Thursday at the annual Gala awards dinner at Lancaster London. Over 560 construction industry professionals attended the awards ceremony which has quadrupled in size since 2011.

The award was made based on our approach to providing outstanding customer service which entails

  • Finding out what is really important to our clients
  • Developing and agreeing clear objectives based on these findings
  • Undertaking stage-end reviews with the project team to keep on track and draw out lessons learned and;
  • Conducting six-monthly face-to-face reviews with each and every customer.

“Clarkson Alliance made a positive decision to do something different to improve their customers’ experience” said Ian Bailey, Director of category sponsors Artelia UK.  “The judges were impressed by their strategic approach to drive a collaborative team to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction. They clearly demonstrated their use of feedback from face-to-face client reviews to drive continuous improvement.”

Our performance review process began in 2011 and is continuously refined. Early on, Clarkson Alliance established that customers employ the services of an external Project Management consultancy to ensure their project is delivered on time, within budget and that the completed facility delivers the required outcomes. However as no one single individual is responsible for the success or failure of a project, contracting to ensure outcomes not wholly under your control is always a risk; a risk to customer expectation and a risk to future business.

As delivering projects is a team pursuit, Clarkson Alliance developed a strategy for Project Management focused on making sure that the goal of the entire, wider team is to provide the outcomes desired by the customer. Whilst processes provide a road map and thereby a degree of certainty of how a project will be delivered, the successful execution of a project is determined largely by the motivation of those involved with delivery.

The Constructing Excellence Awards are unique in their recognition of some of the best teams and organisations in the region and aim to inspire others to learn and benefit from their stories. “The key actions they took, results achieved and lessons learned make an interesting read” says Derek Rees, Regional Director for Constructing Excellence.

Click here to download the full brochure including further details on our approach to Outstanding Customer Service on page 12.

I am extremely proud of our team at Clarkson Alliance.  Our customers often comment that we feel like an extension of their own resources because we share a vested interest in their goals and consistently go the extra mile to ensure those outcomes are achieved.  We’re delighted the judges have recognised our approach which creates and develops collaborative teams that deliver outstanding customer satisfaction but we couldn’t do this without the support of our loyal customers.” – Graham Clarkson, Managing Director, Clarkson Alliance.