Clarkson Alliance is all about maximising the performance of buildings, bringing innovative thinking on how they are used to every project we manage. This is very important in education, with establishments serving the diverse needs of students, teaching staff, administrators and other stakeholders.

Making the most of your space

Space is a big issue for many education institutions. We help clients to achieve more efficiency and performance from their building’s existing footprint. We seek innovative ways to improve the utilisation of space that still meet the project goals.

It’s our ability to look at a building, its current users and the potential to achieve more (including enhanced revenues) that is valued highly by our clients in the education sector. This is in addition to our ability as project managers to make sure that objectives are met and the development achieves the desired outcomes.

All of this is of course underpinned by first understanding your estates strategy. This is essential in enabling us to work as a partner with you to ensure that your buildings support the strategy by performing at maximum potential.

Keeping you focused on your core activities

Bringing in project management professionals in order to benefit from their specialist skills and experience is a decision often made by bursars, principals and others responsible for school, college or university management. We know how to involve you and keep you informed and in charge, without having to divert your attention away from your day-to-day duties. The fact that professionals are leading the project also gives you peace of mind from a risk management perspective.

Our expertise helps you achieve a range of outcomes such as:

Maintaining the heritage of your buildings

Our strong track record in the heritage sector is also put to use in education when there is a need to maintain the character of older buildings. We have extensive experience of modernising the way that buildings work and are used, without compromising on conservation and tradition.

Continuing the development of modern sites

We don’t just work on buildings with a long history: we are just as likely to be helping education establishments make more of their modern facilities. Just as an institution develops its teaching and learning, so too must it continue to adapt its infrastructure to support changing activity.

Helping you attract the best staff and students

A strength of Clarkson Alliance is the ability to help our clients create a project vision that reflects the changing needs and demands of users of their buildings. Achieving this vision enables the establishment to position itself even more strongly as the right choice for students and staff looking for the best facilities and environment.

Improving building performance for long term sustainability

Energy efficiency across lighting, heating and ventilation is an important factor. Most projects generate opportunities to reduce costs and the carbon footprint. Clarkson Alliance has the experience and vision to maximise these opportunities for you, as well as access to the latest building methods and technologies.

Delivering meticulous cost management and reporting

Education establishments almost invariably have finite budgets and a need for strict cost control. This is why our cost management experts ensure that costs are carefully managed, and that regular and accurate reporting on cost is integral to the project.

Bringing older buildings up to date with modern safety standards

The heritage of our great education institutions comes hand-in-hand with the challenge of maintaining pace with legislation and best practice on safety. From identifying and planning for the safe removal of asbestos to improving fire ratings, safety often plays a part in our work within the sector. Innovation and creative thinking is needed to achieve a balance of heritage and safety, and we have a wealth of experience in this area.

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