Learning the collaborative skills necessary for BIM – event by BIM Regions Oxford

Learning the collaborative skills necessary for BIM – event by BIM Regions Oxford

BIM is socio-technic, it relies heavily on the interaction of people and technology to work.  Working with BIM improves efficiency and creates better built environment solutions yet traditionally, the industry struggles to cooperate in a contractual world. Changing engrained attitudes is challenging.

BIM Regions – Oxford is hosting an event, BIM People, on Tuesday 3rd May at Oxford Brookes University.  The event looks at the development of collaborative skills and how to implement new changes to encourage a collaborative project environment.  The event is the second in 2016 since the rebranding of the national organisation, BIM Hubs, as BIM Regions.  The first event was a sell-out event and centred on BIM Processes.

Elizabeth Kavanagh from Stride Treglown will outline a map identifying the behaviours of collaboration and Gordon McGlathery, of software providers Cadassist, will discuss how to successfully train and implement a plan for collaborative transformation.

Clarkson Alliance is a sponsor for BIM Regions Oxford and particularly this event because collaboration is at the heart of how we manage projects.  We believe strongly in encouraging and motivating teams to work together to achieve client’s objectives. By working towards a common goal as a collective, the team has a much greater chance of achieving certainty of outcome on a project.

The event is free to attend and registration is through the Oxford BIM Regions Eventbrite page.

Two more events are currently in the pipeline which look at Technology and Legal implications of BIM.