Clarkson Alliance uses Cost Management with BIM for better control of customer’s finances

Clarkson Alliance uses Cost Management with BIM for better control of customer’s finances

BIM is a natural progression for cost managers to streamline the collation of accurate cost data.  Want to work for central Government? Cost managing projects in a 3D virtual environment has become the necessity if pursuing Government work. All construction projects procured by central Government must use BIM processes for project delivery since the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2 mandate came into force in April.  The change has occurred because the Government recognises the efficiencies BIM can bring to construction projects. BIM’s efficiencies are likely to filter down through the industry on non-Governmental projects.

Prior to BIM the work to create cost data is often duplicated by different disciplines working on the project.  For example, the cost manager may produce an initial Cost Plan or Bill of Quantities. When a contractor is appointed, their quantity surveyor is likely to undertake their own measurements, effectively duplicating the process.  It doesn’t stop there though. Other parties working on the project could also undertake similar tasks to get their own version of cost and quantity data.

Providing our customers with cost certainty is our priority whether we utilise traditional cost management or BIM. Clarkson Alliance has been working with Bidcon BIM to provide cost certainty with the BIM cost management software.

For our customers that means

  • More efficient cost planning – a central database of cost data can be used by all parties on the project, saving resource when collating quantities. There is less margin for error or disagreement between different parties who have created their own pricing documents. We can work with data directly from BIM models to provide cost plans so designers do not have to translate their 3D designs into 2D for cost planning.
  • More time spent getting you best value – Bidcon BIM is intrinsically linkedin to NRM1&2, the industry standards for measuring. We can produce cost plans more efficiently, meaning our time can be better spent on tasks like value management and focusing on getting the best product at the best price for customers.

The latest cost management technologies pave the way for a more efficient and collaborative cost planning service.  BIM is an additional tool to make cost control more effective. Working in BIM unlocks a myriad of efficiencies freeing up our skilled cost managers time to deliver even more value on your projects. This provides optimum cost management from business case and cost planning right through to final accounts.

To find out more about why we use BIM for cost management, please see our BIM and Cost Management services page which includes a video of David Chapell, Head of Cost Management discussing Cost Management with BIM and Bidcon BIM.